Looking back on how Adamski’s single “Killer” launched the very successful career of Seal in 1990

The now classic house/techno hit peaked to No.1 worldwide in 1990

Looking back on how Adamski’s single “Killer” launched the very successful career of Seal in 1990

To look back at the 1990 song “Killer” is to look back at the very beginning of Seal’s successful career in music, despite being the British DJ and producer Adamski’s name that was promoted as the lead performer of the song back then. “Killer”, written both by Adamski and Seal, was released at the peak of the late 1980’s/early 1990’s Acid House, Techno and new Electronic music. Back then, Adamski and Seal were good friends who were in dire straits, with Adamski, according to himself, living on a government scheme which paid his rent and allowed him £40 a week, despite being a popular name on London’s Techno and Rave scene. Seal, who then was almost penniless and living in a squat, stated about this period that “within a week, I went from being a relative nobody – this weird guy at raves, with silver bits in my hair – to a household name”. First released on March 21, 1990, backed with “Bassline Changed My Life” and “I Dream Of You”, it was an instant success worldwide, reaching No.1 in several European countries. On May 12, 1990 peaked to top position on the UK singles charts, selling over 400,000 copies in the UK alone. The lyrics to the song were written by Seal and according him were intended as an exhortation to freedom and overcoming: “the lyrics are about transcending whatever holds you back”. Despite the fact that the big revelation on this release was Seal, and that he co-wrote and was the singer, the record label gave almost all the credit to Adamski, with Seal being referred to as a guest – Adamski featuring Seal – which ended up souring their relationship as friends and musical partnership. Still in 1990, Seal went separate ways from Seal and released his own solo hit debut “Crazy”, that end up being a hit as big as “Killer”, and without Adamski in his way. As for Adamski, his career didn’t quite went as it should, and “Killer” it’s now mostly remembered for Seal and not for him. In 1993 George Michael released his own version of “Killer”, recorded live at the Wembley Arena in 1991, released on his EP “Five Live”. His version, which had moderated success, was blended together with Undisputed Truth’s and The Temptations’s “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone”.

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