Five of the Best Dennis Hopper movies

The legendary actor was born 88 years ago

Five of the Best Dennis Hopper movies

One of the most influential actors of all time, Dennis Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas on May 17, 1936. He started his professional movie career with two of the most iconic movies ever in film history, the 1955 “Rebel Without A Cause” and the 1956 “Giant”, alongside James Dean, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood among other influential actors. During the 1960’s Hopper started to increasingly show his experimental, rebel side, twisting his nose to Hollywood, and that’s how he completed one of the 1960’s top defining movies, the independently produced “Easy Rider” in 1969 alongside Peter Fonda, he wrote, acted, and direct this counterculture classic. A prolific actor, Hopper starred in several important movies during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, working with some of the best directors and actors of film history. The legendary actor passed in 2010 at age 74, today, on what would be his 88th anniversary, we look at five of his best and most essential movies.

5 – “Giant”, 1956

4 – “Speed”, 1994

3 – “Apocalypse Now”, 1979

2 – “Blue Velvet”, 1986

1 – “Easy Rider”, 1969

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