Pop music icon Kylie Minogue turns 56

Kyle owns one of the most enduring and successful careers in music

Pop music icon Kylie Minogue turns 56

Born in Melbourne, Australia on May 28, 1968, the singer and actress Kylie Minogue started her career while still a teenager during the 1980’s, scoring No.1 hits with the penned Stock Aitken Waterman’s “I Should Be So Lucky” and “Got To Be Certain”. At the same time, she was also developing an acting career in her native Australia, appearing alongside Jason Donovan on the soap opera “Neighbours” which lead for both of them making a duet in 1989, “Specially For You”, a hit single in Europe. During the 1990’s Minogue’s music style changed into a club/dance sound, leading to the early 2000’s smash hits “Spinning Around” and “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, but not before she took a turn into Alternative in the surprising duet between her and Nick Cave “Where the Wild Roses Grow” in 1995. Kylie Minogue, who once was INXS late lead singer Michael Hutchence’s girlfriend, continues to enjoy one of the most enduring and successful careers in Pop music. Today she turns 56. Among some of her most notable songs “I Should Be So Lucky”, “Got to Be Certain”, “Spinning Around”, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

Look back at the 1987 music video for the No.1 hit “I Should Be So Lucky” by Kylie Minogue

Look back at the 2004 music video for the popular Kylie Minogue’s song “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

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