Michael J.Fox celebrates 63 today

The actor appeared in a string of hit films and TV series during the 1980’s, including his signature role of Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy but was diagnosed at age 29 with Parkinson disease at the height of his success and turning point as an actor

Michael J.Fox celebrates 63 today

The Canadian-American actor Michael J. Fox, born Michael Andrew Fox in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on June 9, 1961 started his acting career in the late 1970’s, appearing in TV Shows, and his first memorable role was in the 1980 Disney film “Midnight Madness”, followed by the 1982 80’s classic “Class of 1984”. His youthful looks earned him one of the lead roles in the popular sitcom “Family Ties”, which aired on NBC for seven seasons from 1982–89, where he played Alex P. Keaton, the conservative teenager son of 1960’s liberal hippie parents. The quick success of the series fastened his way on to Hollywood big productions and in 1985 he was cast as Marty McFly in one of the biggest and most popular blockbusters of the decade and all time, Back to the Future. The role gave Fox a worldwide popularity almost overnight, and generated two successful sequels. Also during that period he appeared in other successful 80’s films including “Teenwolf”, “Bright Lights, Big City” and “The Secret of my Success”. A more serious role came in 1989 with the drama “Casualties of War”. Sadly, at the height of his success and turning point as an actor, Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson disease in 1991, which forced him to reduce his acting activity. The symptoms first appeared while filming “Doc Hollywood” in 1990. Ever since, he has appeared over the years in spontaneous roles in movies and TV and also became a face for the Parkinson disease cause. Fox married actress Tracy Pollan, whom he met while filming “Family Ties”, in 1988 and the couple has remained married ever since.

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