Why “Blackstar” must not be remembered as David Bowie’s goodbye album

With “Blackstar” Bowie achieved to recap his whole career, it’s an ensemble of every music style he ever tried, there is a little something from every phase, but, again, it’s not a copy, that’s the perfection of it, it’s an evolution

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The flawless and timeless debut album of The Doors

“The Doors” was released on January 4th, 1967 and remains a timeless and fresh Rock album, featuring classics such as “Break On Through (To the Other Side)” , “Light My Fire” or “The End”, this was one of the breakthrough albums of 1967 and one that embodies The Doors signature sound the most. We revisit one of the most flawless debut Rock albums of all time

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Author Brent Marchant releases his new book “Third Real: Conscious creation goes back to movies”

Brent Marchant has became a well known author among movie lovers, Now with his new book “Third Real: Conscious creation goes back to movies”, he goes deeper into the subject of how movies have the power to influence our everyday life

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