Yoko Ono turns 91 today

The artist Yoko Ono is most famous for her marriage and relationship to John Lennon, but she has had a long and productive artistic career on several fields and her experimental music influenced many of the early Alternative Rock and Art Rock movement

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The Art of Andy Warhol

Born 95 years ago today, Warhol is unquestionably one of the biggest and most influential artists of all times, He remains as contemporary as when he rose to prominence during the 1960’s with his unique Pop Art style that would endure for decades to come

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The versatile art of Brandon Schwartz

Like so many other artists around the world, Brandon Schwartz’s work remains only known to a inner circle of family and friends, but hopefully that can change. On this gallery you can find 14 Brandon’s original paintings and also 8 adaptations of cartoons or comics characters

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