Michael Jackson rises to No.1 with “Bad” in 1987

The song is one of the many hits Jackson scored from his album “Bad”, 5 years after “Thriller”, Michael Jackson was able to put out an album with the same amount of hit singles although with a different songwriting formula and edgier than the 1982 groundbreaking album. Find out what was the song about

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“Don’t Stop’ Til You Get Enough”, a prelude of what was to come in Michael Jackson’s career

“Don’t Stop’ Til You Get Enough” that was included on his album “Off The Wall”, it’s a milestone on Michael Jackson’s career at many diverse levels, it reached No.1 on the U.S Hot 100 on October 13th, 1979 and included for the first time some of Jackson’s future trademarks

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This is “Thriller” Michael Jackson’s Groundbreaking Album

Back in 1982 Michael Jackson wasn’t quite yet the biggest Pop star in the world, but with “Thriller” that would change in just a few months when on November 30th his masterpiece “Thriller” was release. We revisit “Thriller”, one of the most groundbreaking and influential Pop albums ever made

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