Kurt Cobain 51st Anniversary Special

A talented artist, songwriter, musician and a passionate advocate for women’s and gay rights, Kurt Cobain left the earthly plan by his own hand on April 8, 1994 at age 27, but today we celebrate his life. We’ve put together a special feature that includes 6 articles to remember Kurt Cobain check them out

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David Bowie Birthday Special

A visionary since the very beginning of his career, David Bowie was the legit Pop and Rock chameleon, he was Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack, The Thin White Duke and so many others, his influence can be be heard, seen and felt in every artistic expression. To celebrate his 71st anniversary we’ve put out a special feature

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Jim Morrison 74th Anniversary Special

To celebrate the 74th anniversary of the legendary and iconic Jim Morrison, we’ve put together six articles about his life and work, including a recap of his short but significant life, a quiz, a review of all The Doors six studio albums with Morrison, a collection of his best quotes and more

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