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Celebrate Eric Clapton’s 79th Birthday with his Top 10 Songs

To make a Top 10 list of Eric Clapton’s best songs it’s a hard task, and perhaps for some will never possible. To celebrate the Rock Legend Eric Clapton we picked 10 of some of his very best songs solo or with the several bands he had been in.

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The iconic “Divine Miss M” singer and actress Bette Midler turns 78 today

From Broadway to Hollywood the famous singer and actress Bette Midler has done it all, the awarded actress has one of the longest and most successful careers on showbiz, from stage plays to musicals to movie dramas, the iconic actress turns 78 today

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Influential singer-songwriter Neil Young turns 78 today

Neil Young first rose to prominence as part of the Buffalo Springfield in the late 1960’s. He was pivotal in the development of Folk Rock and Grunge Rock and pioneered many different music trends throughout the years. He turns 78 today

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Looking Back At Glam Rock Icon Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music on his Birthday

One of the earliest Glam and Art Rock expressions of the 1970’s, Roxy Music’s first hit, “Virginia Plain”, made the U.K Top 5 in 1972, and was followed up with several hit singles such as “Ladytron”, “Do the Strand” and “Street Life”. We look back at some of Bryan Ferry’s recording career highlights

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Celebrate the legendary Pete Townshend birthday with 10 of the very best The Who songs

Pete Townshend remains one of Rock’s biggest legends and influential figures. The Who guitarist and the man behind the groundbreaking Rock-Opera “Tommy” turn 78 today. We look back at 10 of the very best The Who songs

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The Creedence Clearwater Revival bassist Stu Cook turns 78 today

Stu Cook rose to fame as the bass player for the legendary Californian band Creedence Clearwater Revival during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s with whom he had an impressive string of Rock hits, today, he turns 78

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