On his 68th birthday, check the Top 5 Kurt Russell Movies

American actor Kurt Russell has appeared in action, comedic and dramatic roles. His well-known feature films include Escape from New York and Silkwood.

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It’s Hard Rock Legend David Coverdale Birthday

He came to prominence during the 1970’s as a replacement for Ian Gillan on Deep Purple. He formed Whitesnake, the successfull Hard Rock band that had a string of hits during the 80’s such as “Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love”. David Coverdale turns 66 today

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The Metal God Rob Halford turns 67

The charismatic lead singer of Judas Priest owns one of the most powerful wide-ranging voices of all time which he has been using very well since the 1970’s in defining Heavy Metal and he has also contributed immensely to the LGBT community and cause after coming out in 1998

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