The KISS Starchild Paul Stanley turns 72 today

Much has been written about Paul Stanley, he’s the Starchild, one of the most iconic alter-egos and characters in Rock music. With KISS, Paul Stanley has led a career that has earned him millions of followers around the globe. The pinnacle of his success was back in the 1970’s but today, Stanley remains one of the biggest Rock Stars in the world

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David Bowie: The Essential Discography

One of Rock and music biggest legends, David Bowie left us a deeply rich and eclectic legacy. We picked some of his best records on this list

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Influential singer-songwriter Neil Young turns 78 today

Neil Young first rose to prominence as part of the Buffalo Springfield in the late 1960’s. He was pivotal in the development of Folk Rock and Grunge Rock and pioneered many different music trends throughout the years. He turns 78 today

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