The Ballad Of Alice “Super Duper Alice Cooper”

“Super Dooper Alice Cooper” is an essential documentary to watch that will give you a better glimpse of the man behind Alice Cooper, the persona that almost drove Vincent Furnier to death

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A New Approach: 10 Of The Best Classic Albums with Novelty Packaging

We look back at some of the best novelty packaging on albums, with a list of 10 famous ones that became iconic not just for their music only but also due to the unique cover art and packaging on this list

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“No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks” Alice Cooper scores their first major hit with the rebellious “School’s Out” in 1972

Due to it’s lyrical content, at the time, some radio stations banned Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” from their airwaves, but despite that, it still climbed it’s way into the charts

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