The Beatles “White Album”: A collection of stunning songs by a fragmented band

On November 22nd 1968 The Beatles released their only double studio album and the first on their newly created label Apple, self titled “The Beatles”, more commonly known as “The White Album”. We revisit the 1968 classic album and the impact it had on the band’s career

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Revisiting the John Lennon’s debut solo album “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band”

Recorded and released in 1970, on the aftermath of The Beatles break up, John Lennon distances himself on purpose from all the musical structure The Beatles did, the result is a brilliant masterpiece

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Revisiting John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Released in September 1971 in the U.S and on October 8th, 1971 worldwide, “Imagine” it’s definitely John Lennon’s most popular solo album, it includes some of his most enduring and famous songs such as “Imagine” and “Jealous Guy”, we revisit this enduring Rock classic

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