The day Led Zeppelin played their final concert together

On July 7, 1980, Berlin, Germany saw the final act of the gigantic 1970’s band. Led Zeppelin played for the very last time together just a few months before drummer John Bonham died

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David Bowie releases “Sound And Vision” in 1977

On February 11, 1977, one of David Bowie’s most revolutionary and famous songs, “Sound And Vision” was the first single to be released from the album “Low”, the Experimental Electronic-Rock adventure of the Berlin period. The back vocals on the song were done by a very special singer

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Revisiting David Bowie “”Heroes””:  A musical photograph of the cold and grey Berlin

“”Heroes”” was released on October 14th, 1977 as the second album of the “Berlin Trilogy, the album followed the same style of Rock/Electronic fusion that was made in it’s predecessor “Low”, this was a new Bowie created genre, as the RCA advertisement for the album stated: “There’s Old Wave. There’s New Wave. And There’s David Bowie”

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