Revisiting The Rolling Stones 1964 debut album, that marked the beginning of their amazing journey

In 1964 the Rolling Stones began their amazing journey with their debut album “The Rolling Stones”. Essentially a Blues and Rock N’ Roll covers LP, the album also included some of the first compositions by the Stones and Jagger/Richards. We revisit this essential classic Rock album released on this day 56 years ago

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The Rolling Stones Studio albums 1964-1974

A look back at the Stones albums released during their most creative and enduring period

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It’s the “Stone Alone” Bill Wyman Birthday

He is one of Rock’s absolute icons, an essential part of the Rolling Stones early sound and music, though he quit the band in 1993, Bill Wyman it’s still seen as the “official” Stones bass player. Today, the “Stone Alone” turns 83

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