The Ballad Of Alice “Super Duper Alice Cooper”

Alice Cooper celebrates 76 years old today. Celebrate the icon’s birthday by watching “Super Dooper Alice Cooper”, an essential documentary that will give you a better glimpse of the man behind Alice Cooper, the persona that almost drove Vincent Furnier to death

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10 essential music biopics

Biopics are a great way to get injected with some general and pop culture. In this list we pick 10 of the best music related biopics, from the wild life of Rock Star Jim Morrison to the tortured French Chanson singer Édith Piaf

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“Born To Be Blue”: Chet Baker re-imagined and revisited

Ethan Hawke embodies Chet Baker as close as it can gets, and despite the actor being older than what Chet would be back in the late 60’s where most of the movie takes place, his physical similarities to the jazz legend help the movie to achieve a reality factor to his acting regardless of the fictional facts

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