“Black Sabbath”: Unleashed on Friday the 13th February, 1970

What could be more appropriate for Black Sabbath to release their self-titled debut in 1970 than a Friday the 13th? On this day, Sabbath unleashed an album that revolutionizes the 1970’s music scene and music history forever. We revisit the outstanding Black Sabbath debut

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The Life And Career of the legendary Ozzy “Prince Of Darkness” Osbourne who turns 70

With Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne pioneered the Heavy Metal genre during the 1970’s, his unique and sometimes insane lifestyle along with his distinguishable vocals and mannerisms have granted him a special place in Rock history and turned the man into an icon. Today the “Prince Of Darkness” Ozzy turns 70, we recap his life and career

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The Metal God Rob Halford turns 67

The charismatic lead singer of Judas Priest owns one of the most powerful wide-ranging voices of all time which he has been using very well since the 1970’s in defining Heavy Metal and he has also contributed immensely to the LGBT community and cause after coming out in 1998

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