“Easy Rider”: A timeless portrait of freedom

Released on July 14, 1969, “Easy Rider” it’s an absolute landmark on counterculture and one of the most iconic and memorable movies ever made, it portrays freedom in a way that remains timeless to this day while it still serves as a 1960’s social portrait

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James Dean – An Unfinished Book

Remembering James Dean on the 92nd anniversary of his birth. Like a lot of celebrities of his time, James Dean always carried around a certain aura of mystery that endures to this day. This might be also because of the fact he died young and as we all now know, that is a certain morbid formula to eternity that allows people like Dean to be remembered forever. Explore some facts of Dean’s short life on this article

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Salò: A Necessary Evil

The 60’s and 70’s were prodigal in experimental European cinema that touched, and not just slightly, new grounds of controversy, we revisit the controversial Pier Paolo Pasolini, movie “Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom”

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The Erotic Outer Space Adventures of Electric Barbarella

“Barbarella”, the colorful 1968 Sci-Fi Roger Vadim starring Jane Fonda as the sexy comics character, has become one of the most influential movies of all time and holds a top position in Pop Culture history

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