Celebrate Eric Clapton’s 79th Birthday with his Top 10 Songs

To make a Top 10 list of Eric Clapton’s best songs it’s a hard task, and perhaps for some will never possible. To celebrate the Rock Legend Eric Clapton we picked 10 of some of his very best songs solo or with the several bands he had been in.

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Live! Blueswailing July ’64: The Yardbirds Energetic Live Experience

“Live! Blueswailing July ’64” by The Yardbirds, It’s not only a live album, it’s a historical testimony of a group of talented musicians giving their best all together on stage, not merely playing music, but also creating it

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Time Is Still On Their Side: Top 1960’s Acts Still Touring

These top acts from the 60’s are still touring and giving us new music. For these artists and bands there are no such thing as retirement, and their fan base keeps growing, proving that when you do good music, it can last and cross through the decades

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