Friday, April 19, 2024

George Michael

1990’s supermodel Christy Turlington is 55 today

The American Vogue magazine creative director Grace Coddington has described Christy Turlington as “the most beautiful woman in the world”, in 1990, at the beginning of the supermodel era, she came to prominence together with other supermodels in the famous George Michael music video “Freedom’90”

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The Last Christmas Of George Michael

One of the biggest music stars and icons of the last four decades, George Michael left us on Christmas day seven years ago. We look back at his life and career and remember his strong legacy as an artist and human being.

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In 1985 Wham! “Make It Big” twice

In 1985 Wham! were one of the biggest pop bands (or duo) in the world and after a discreet debut with their first album “Fantastic” released in 1982, they went on to release their best selling and worldwide success “Make It Big” that included some of the 1980’s most memorable Pop music

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George Michael 60th Anniversary Special

The Pop icon and legend George Michael would had turned 60 today. To celebrate his life, we’ve put together six articles previously published including album reviews, a quiz, a photo gallery and an intimate look

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On this day in 1992 The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert takes place in a crowded Wembley Stadium, featuring an all star line up

In 1992, a few months after Freddie Mercury’s untimely death caused by AIDS, Queen and a group of legendary artists and musicians including David Bowie, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Elton John, George Michael, Roger Daltrey, Tony Iommi and Robert Plant among many others, gathered to pay tribute to the Queen legend in order to launch The Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS charity organization

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An interview with former Yell! singer Daniel James

After a hiatus of several years, Daniel James has returned to music with the new self-penned single “Set Your Spirit Free”, a positive message inspired by coming out of the lockdown. In this exclusive interview, James recalls some of his memories as a Pop music star in the 1980’s, working with Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, of the iconic team Stock, Aitken and Waterman, being signed to Fanfare records through Simon Cowell, meeting and working with legendary music publisher Dick Leary and even some curiosity stories about how George Michael’s late sister Melanie once dyed his hair blond. He also candidly talks about music and acting and his views on today’s music industry.

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