Bizarre and eye-catching Klaus Nomi was born on this day in 1944

Klaus Nomi was a famous German singer-songwriter and actor, who was born on January 24, 1944, in Immenstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Nomi was a visionary artist with a stunning sense of humor that filled up the two studio records recorded in his lifetime with campy New Wave-inflected pop songs like “Simple Man” and “Lightnin’ Strikes,”

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The Life and Career Of Nico

From Berlin to Chelsea Hotel, model, actress, singer, Warhol Superstar, Rock Star lover were just some of the roles Nico lived during her short but intense life. She is best remembered as one of The Velvet Underground’s vocalists on their debut album “The Velvet Underground & Nico” but Nico’s stunning songs and solo career left an undeniable influence on modern music. We look back at her life on her 85birthday

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