Skilled Pianist and Songwriter, Goat, Releases Emotional New Song “When The Dust Catches Fire”

Good of All Things. A simple, but powerful expression that New York City musician Andy Rosen has not only taken to heart, he took it as his moniker: Goat. Spending a few minutes listening to his catalog, as well as his latest work, and you will see that it is a fitting handle for this unique and talented songwriter.

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Veteran Hit Songwriter, Goat, Returns with Powerful New Track, “Miracle”, to Inspire Respect for Planet Earth

New York City musician Andy Rosen, or Goat as most people know him by, has been writing and performing music for as long as he can remember. From major label success to touring all over the country, he has seen many changes in the music landscape since he started. But it’s the changing landscape of the planet that inspired his latest work and new single, “Miracle”.

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