The influential guitarist Link Wray was born 91 years ago

Link Wray was the first guitarist to discover the potential of the electric guitar distortion and the power chord. His seminal 1958 song “Rumble” opened the way to the emergence of Punk and Hard Rock

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The famous instrumental “Apache” by The Shadows peaked to No.1 in 1960

“Apache” remains one of the most recognized and popular instrumental hits today, The Shadows version was released in 1960 and despite the huge success in Europe had little to none impact in the U.S

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Joe Meek’s “Telstar” performed by The Tornados becomes the first US No.1 by a British group in 1962

 “Telstar” was named after the Telstar communications satellite and one of the first sci-fi-influenced pop songs
, it became the first No.1 by a British group in the U.S but despite it’s success, it also contributed for Joe Meek’s mental health decline

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