Top 12 1960’s Jimmy Page songs as a session musician

To celebrate the birth of the legendary Rock God Jimmy Page we’ve selected the Top 12 1960’s tracks where he’s featured as a session musician, from Nico to David Bowie to Petula Clark to The Who and even Shirley Bassey, Page left a deep mark on the 1960’s Rock and Pop scene even before he was famous

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Joe Cocker’s cover of The Beatles “With a Little Help From My Friends” peaked to No.1 in 1969 with a little help from Jimmy Page

Now a Psychedelic Rock staple and classic, in 1969, when Cocker was still relatively unknown in the U.S, he dared to perform his Beatles cover “With a Little Help From My Friends” at the Woodstock Festival, in what end up being one of Woodstock’s most memorable performances ever

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