In 1965 with the song “Downtown”, Petula Clark becomes the second British female singer to score a No.1 hit on the U.S music charts

The songwriter Tony Harsh was inspired by the New York City downtown when he composed the song “Downtown” and reportedly intended to offer it first to The Drifters. Find out which future Rock legend played guitar on the Petula Clark’s famous song

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Top 12 1960’s Jimmy Page songs as a session musician

To celebrate the birth of the legendary Rock God Jimmy Page we’ve selected the Top 12 1960’s tracks where he’s featured as a session musician, from Nico to David Bowie to Petula Clark to The Who and even Shirley Bassey, Page left a deep mark on the 1960’s Rock and Pop scene even before he was famous

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Joe Cocker’s cover of The Beatles “With a Little Help From My Friends” peaked to No.1 in 1969 with a little help from Jimmy Page

Now a Psychedelic Rock staple and classic, in 1969, when Cocker was still relatively unknown in the U.S, he dared to perform his Beatles cover “With a Little Help From My Friends” at the Woodstock Festival, in what end up being one of Woodstock’s most memorable performances ever

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