The Beat Poet and free thinker Allen Ginsberg was born on this day in 1926

Allen Ginsberg vigorously opposed militarism, economic materialism, and sexual repression, he was a pioneer on Gay rights and inspired music artists such as Bob Dylan, Patti Smith or Jim Morrison. We look back at the life of this legendary poet

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12 Bob Dylan inspirational and thoughtful quotes

Bob Dylan, poet, and songwriter, was awarded the Literature Nobel Prize in 2016. The influential, iconic and legendary figure is a man of few words when in public, and we’ve compiled some of his best ones on these 12 quotes

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In his own words: 15 Quotes by Serge Gainsbourg

The iconic Serge Gainsbourg had a way with the words, never comfortable with the establishment, throughout his life he wrote beautiful memorable songs and poems that continue to influence and inspire new generations of musicians, poets and artists around the world. To celebrate his anniversary we’ve gathered together 15 memorable quotes by the man himself

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French Pop: From Music Hall to Yé-Yé by Gareth Jones, an exceptional and indispensable book

Few books can serve as both an enjoyable reading experience and a reference guide such as this one, a thorough investigation and documentation of the history of French Pop music, which is also the story of the modern music industry

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