The Doors play their last concert with Jim Morrison at The Warehouse, New Orleans in 1970

In late 1970, The Doors were recording what would be their final studio album with Jim Morrison. Five days after Jim Morrison’s 27th birthday, on December 12th, the band plays at The Warehouse, a popular venue in New Orleans, without knowing it would be the last time the four of them would play together. Read about that evening and what happened to the tapes that recorded the show.

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The Top 10 Greatest Queen Live Performances 

Queen always were stage masters, Freddie Mercury unique ability to communicate with massive audiences, was a talent like no other singer showed before him and hardly still have done. No matter what their mood was, on stage Queen gave every bit of themselves to satisfy their large record breaking audiences around the world

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On July 3, 1973, David Bowie kills Ziggy Stardust live at the London’s Hammersmith Odeon

By 1973, David Bowie, who was barely a household name just one year earlier, had conquered the world with his fictional persona Ziggy Stardust but on July 3, 1973 when he went on stage , he was about to kill it and get his own life back

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