Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Marsha Hunt

In 1971 the Rolling Stones officially begin a turning point in their career with the release of “Brown Sugar” on their own label

“Brown Sugar” was released in 1971, after a successful 1960’s decade where the Rolling Stones had established themselves as one of the most influential and biggest Rock bands in the planet

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On October 1970, a Portuguese magazine publishes an article on Jimi Hendrix’s death and how his girlfriend is about to give birth to his child…

A few days after Jimi Hendrix’s death, the Portuguese magazine Antena published an article about his early demise and how despite the tragedy his son “Jimi Hendrix Jr.” was about to be born from no more no less than Mick Jagger’s girlfriend at the time, American singer Marsha Hunt, that in fact was expecting Jagger’s first child

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