New Romantic

Original Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor turns 63 today

With Duran Duran, Andy Taylor reached the pinnacle of his success during the 1980’s, but the guitarist has had also a successful solo career collaborating with many other artists and with Power Station back in the 1980’s. Look back at Taylor’s life and career on the day he turns 63

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Boy George: A Pop Chameleon in Photos

Boy George emerged during the early 1980’s from the Post-Punk movement named New Romantic, through his music and looks he broke down barriers and destroyed prejudice. Take look back at his influential and inspiring career in photographs

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Farewell to the Punk Queen Vivienne Westwood

The famed and influential fashion designer who helped to boost the Punk movement during the 1970’s and subsequently the New Romantic one in the early 1980’s, has passed at age 81, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy in fashion and pop culture. We look back briefly at her life and career

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