In 1965 with the song “Downtown”, Petula Clark becomes the second British female singer to score a No.1 hit on the U.S music charts

The songwriter Tony Harsh was inspired by the New York City downtown when he composed the song “Downtown” and reportedly intended to offer it first to The Drifters. Find out which future Rock legend played guitar on the Petula Clark’s famous song

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Who was the first recording artist to cover a Beatles song?

Sixty years ago, on 11 January 1963, The Beatles released their second single, and the world would never quite be the same again. A few days after its release, it entered the UK charts, buoyed by a television appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars. Climbing rapidly and continuously over the following weeks, it hit the top spot on the New Musical Express charts on 23 February, giving the band their first UK number one hit (don’t believe the Official Chart Company – it really was a number one hit!). By then, the band had already recorded their first album, and other artists were queuing up to cover their songs. Which leads to a conundrum, and a controversial quiz night question: Who was the first recording artist to cover a Beatles song?

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