The Beat Poet and free thinker Allen Ginsberg was born on this day in 1926

Allen Ginsberg vigorously opposed militarism, economic materialism, and sexual repression, he was a pioneer on Gay rights and inspired music artists such as Bob Dylan, Patti Smith or Jim Morrison. We look back at the life of this legendary poet

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Celebrate the legendary Bob Dylan 82nd anniversary with his Top 20 songs

Bob Dylan is one of the most important and respected musicians, songwriters and poets of all time, a “voice of a generation” with countless songs that influenced generations of bands and artists including The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. Today, he turns 82 and we’ve put together what we consider to be his Top 20 songs by order of influence and popularity.

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12 Bob Dylan inspirational and thoughtful quotes

Bob Dylan, poet, and songwriter, was awarded the Literature Nobel Prize in 2016. The influential, iconic and legendary figure is a man of few words when in public, and we’ve compiled some of his best ones on these 12 quotes

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