1980’s Pop sensation Sinitta turns 60

During the mid 1980’s Sinitta scored several hit songs, and became a Pop sensation mainly in Europe, produced by the famous hit and pop star makers Stock, Aitken and Waterman. We look back at her life and career

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An interview with former Yell! singer Daniel James

After a hiatus of several years, Daniel James has returned to music with the new self-penned single “Set Your Spirit Free”, a positive message inspired by coming out of the lockdown. In this exclusive interview, James recalls some of his memories as a Pop music star in the 1980’s, working with Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, of the iconic team Stock, Aitken and Waterman, being signed to Fanfare records through Simon Cowell, meeting and working with legendary music publisher Dick Leary and even some curiosity stories about how George Michael’s late sister Melanie once dyed his hair blond. He also candidly talks about music and acting and his views on today’s music industry.

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