Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron turns 61 today

Matt Cameron is one of the most influential drummers that came out from the Seattle Grunge scene, becoming famous in the early 1990’s as the drummer for Soundgarden and later Pearl Jam, today he turns 61

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Remembering Chris Cornell: The Top 10 Soundgarden Songs

Chris Cornell, one of the chief architects of the 1990’s Grunge movement was born 58 years ago today, we remember his voice and his music on this Top 10 Soundgarden Songs

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The 30 best and essential Grunge albums of all time picked by Pop Expresso

In the early 1990’s the Alternative Rock revolution took over the airwaves, with it’s epicenter in Seattle, Grunge became for many the last significant Rock movement spreading quickly around the planet. From Nirvana to TAD, we explore the 30 best and essential Grunge albums of all time

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