The Rolling Stones former guitarist Mick Taylor celebrates 71: Listen to 12 of his best songs with the Stones

Mick Taylor joined the Stones in 1969 ate age 20 to replace the band’s founder and multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones and his onstage debut with the band ironically took place in the now famous Hyde Park Jones tribute two days after the original Stone death

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Remembering the Rolling Stones Sax player Bobby Keys 

Bobby Keys is mostly remembered for the work he did with The Rolling Stones since the 1970’s until 2013, the legendary sax player who played the “Brown Sugar” solo among many other famous sax parts for several Rock songs and artists, passed away at age 70 in 2014

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A New Approach: 10 Of The Best Classic Albums with Novelty Packaging

We look back at some of the best novelty packaging on albums, with a list of 10 famous ones that became iconic not just for their music only but also due to the unique cover art and packaging on this list

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