The Rolling Stones

Why was the amazing “The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus” only released 28 years later after it was filmed

One of Rock’s finest moments, the TV special “The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus” was projected by The Rolling Stones to be a blend of Rock music and Circus acts and as a promotion for their album “Beggars Banquet”, featuring a parade of Rock stars such as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Who and Eric Clapton among others. However the band shelved the film until 1996…find out why

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Celebrating the talented Billy Preston

He is one of Rock’s music most important and influential musicians, having played a role in some of Rock’s most important moments and among the restricted group people that are considered the “5th Beatle”

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50 Essential Albums From 1967

1967 was one of absolute golden years for music. A deeply culturally and socially important year with several changes around the world, on fashion, politics, technology and many other changes that were reflected on the music being made. We gathered together 50 of the best album releases from 1967 with no particular order, all of them are essential and timeless

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