The Queen Of Rock, Tina Turner 1939-2023

Tina Turner has left. A voice and figure that crossed through several generations in a planetary scale, an example of strength, talent and perseverance, irreplaceable and unique. The sad news arrived on May 24th, 2023. The Queen of Rock left and she leaves behind a valuable and influential body of work, a place that can’t ever be filled by anyone else, anywhere in the world.

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Legendary Tina Turner tells it all to CBS’s Gayle King

Queen of Rock Tina Turner agreed to give an interview to CBS which aired recently. After years of speculation, the star finally tells it all on her and explains the motives that took her to withdraw from the public eye

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Tina Turner makes her first public appearance in years

One of the world’s favorite icons, Tina Turner, has been purposely away from public eye for some years now, but last Tuesday she decided to make a surprise appearance to promote the musical about her life “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”. Check these new surprising photos of Tina last Tuesday in London

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