The Beatles “White Album”: A collection of stunning songs by a fragmented band

On November 22nd 1968 The Beatles released their only double studio album and the first on their newly created label Apple, self titled “The Beatles”, more commonly known as “The White Album”. We revisit the 1968 classic album and the impact it had on the band’s career

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The surprising fact that connects The Beatles “White Album” and the Sex Pistols “Nevermind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols”

Besides the great music both albums have, the 1968 acclaimed “The Beatles” and 1977 seminal Punk record “Nevermind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols”, are connected through a very important detail that some people might not be aware of

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A New Approach: 10 Of The Best Classic Albums with Novelty Packaging

We look back at some of the best novelty packaging on albums, with a list of 10 famous ones that became iconic not just for their music only but also due to the unique cover art and packaging on this list

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