Chicago founding member Peter Cetera turns 79

Aside of the successful career with the band Chicago, Cetera scored two of the 1980’s most memorable hits, “Glory of Love” and “The Next Time I Fall”

Chicago founding member Peter Cetera turns 79

Born on September 13, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, Peter Cetera successful career started in 1967 as one of the founding members of the Rock band Chicago, that after releasing their debut album “Chicago” in 1969, became one of the 1970’s most popular bands. With “If You Leave Me Now”, a song written and sung by Cetera on the group’s tenth album, the band got their first Grammy Award and also first number one. During the early 1980’s they had what it’s considered their other biggest hit, “You’re The Inspiration”, but due to internal feud among Cetera and other members of the band, he quit Chicago to launch his own solo career, moving to a slightly different music direction. The highlight of his solo career happened during the mid 1980’s with the 1986 song “Glory of Love”, theme song from “The Karate Kid Part II” co-written by Cetera, earning him a worldwide number one hit and also nominations for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. He had another successful follow up hit with “The Next Time I Fall”, a duet with Amy Grant that earned him another Grammy Award nomination, for best vocal performance by a pop duo or group. Peter Cetera’s popularity significantly decreased after those two 1980’s hits, but he remained active, releasing new music and albums throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. In 2016 Peter Cetera was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Chicago but declined to perform with the band as well as a reunion. More recently Cetera formed a new band called The Bad Daddies an electric rock band which performs original material and covers of popular songs, as well as material from Chicago and Cetera’s solo career. Today he turns 79.

Look back at Chicago performing their number one hit “If You Leave Me Now”, 1977 featuring Peter Cetera

Also watch the 1986 music video for “Glory of Love” by Peter Cetera, his signature song


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