Revisiting Bon Jovi’s 1992 “Keep The Faith”

The album was released on this day in 1992

Looking back at  Bon Jovi’s 1992 “Keep The Faith”

On November 3rd 1992 Bon Jovi release their first 1990’s studio album “Keep The Faith”, in a time where Alternative Rock and Grunge dominated the charts and preferences, Bon Jovi were able to successfully cross into the 1990’s after their 1980’s Hair Metal period that made them famous. The change of image, from spandex to jeans, and updated hair styles as well as a slight changing of music direction helped the band keep their fans and attract more in the early 1990’s, unlike what happened to some of their 1980’s Hard Rock peers that weren’t able to fight back the 1990’s Alternative Rock revolution. The songs which were then more in context with the 1990’s are among some of the best Bon Jovi made. The album featured three Top 40 hits: “Keep The Faith”, “Bed of Roses” and “In These Arms”, it also included another hit for the band, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”.  Produced by Bob Rock who was much in request during the early 1990’s by Rock bands, specially after Metallica’s “Black Album” success, “Keep The Faith” it’s made to please the Rock and Pop fan, though different from “Slippery When Wet” or “New Jersey” it still features the classic Bon Jovi signature sound which continued to rule the 1990’s FM Rock waves, it’s also the last album to feature their original line up as bass player Alec John Such left the band shortly after.

Tracklist (CD)
1 “I Believe” Jon Bon Jovi
2 “Keep the Faith” Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond Child
3 “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child
4 “In These Arms” Bon Jovi, Sambora, David Bryan
5 “Bed of Roses” Bon Jovi
6 “If I Was Your Mother” Bon Jovi, Sambora
7 “Dry County” Bon Jovi
8 “Woman in Love” Bon Jovi
9 “Fear” Bon Jovi
10 “I Want You” Bon Jovi
11 “Blame It on the Love of Rock & Roll” Bon Jovi, Sambora
12 “Little Bit of Soul” Bon Jovi, Sambora
13 “Save a Prayer” (Bonus Track in Japan and Europe) Bon Jovi, Sambora

Jon Bon Jovi: lead vocals and additional guitars
Richie Sambora: lead guitar and backing vocals
Alec John Such: bass guitar and backing vocals
Tico Torres: drums and percussion
David Bryan: keyboards and backing vocals

Produced by: Bob Rock
Recorded during: 1992 in Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver
Released: November 3rd 1992
Label: Mercury

“Keep the Faith” Released: October 13, 1992
“Bed of Roses” Released: January 26, 1993
“In These Arms” Released: May 9, 1993
“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” Released: July 31, 1993
“I Believe” Released: September 25, 1993
“Dry County” Released: May 1, 1994

Strongest tracks:
“Keep the Faith”, “Bed of Roses”, “In These Arms”, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

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