Former T’Pau lead singer Carol Decker turns 66 today

During the late 1980’s the British band T’Pau had several hits worldwide including “Heart and Soul” and “China in your Hand”

Former T’Pau lead singer Carol Decker turns 66 today

Carol Decker remains best known as the lead singer of the successful British band T’Pau during the late 1980’s. Born in Merseyside, England on September 10, 1957, Decker formed T’Pau with her then boyfriend Ronnie Rogers with whom, together she co-wrote most of the band’s songs. T’Pau became popular in 1987 with their hit single “Heart and Soul”, that peaked to No.4 at the US Hot 100 and a major hit all over Europe. Their third single, also taken from their debut album “Bridges Of Spies”, was “China In Your Hand”, and despite not having the same impact in the U.S as “Heart and Soul”, it was a major hit all over Europe, topping the charts to No.1 in several countries including their native England. Despite the success they enjoyed with those two singles, T’Pau disbanded in the early 1990’s. Decker released a solo single in 1995, “One Heart”, and “Just Dream” in download-only format in September 2007. Today, Carol Decker still performs under the name T’Pau, though, the band itself no longer exists. Most of those shows are 1980’s nostalgia concerts, but in 2013 she reunited with original bandmember and co-songwriter Ronnie Rogers for a 25th anniversary UK tour. Decker also built an acting career over the years on both stage and screen, including a part in the film “Nine Dead Gay Guys.”

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