The “Aerosmith chick” Alicia Silverstone turns 47

Many of us still remembers her from the popular early 1990’s Aerosmith music videos

The “Aerosmith chick” Alicia Silverstone turns 47

Many of us still remembers Alicia Silverstone from the popular early 1990’s Aerosmith music videos. The former “Aerosmith chick” was born in San Francisco on October 4th, 1976 from British parents. During the 1990’s her acting career quickly went from a discreet one episode role on “The Wonder Years” to one of Hollywood’s top actresses. She first made her film debut in 1993, starring on “The Crush” and earning the 1994 MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance. It was however, with the Aerosmith 1993 music video of “Cryin'”, at age 16, that she became famous and end up being cast to two other follow up music videos of the band, “Amazing” and “Crazy” both from 1994.

In 1995 she got her first big role as a movie actress on the hit comedy “Clueless”, which earned her a multimillion-dollar deal with Columbia Pictures, and in 1997 she played Batgirl in the big budget film “Batman & Robin”. In recent years, Alicia has dedicated more of her acting skills to theater and independent productions. Recently, she starred in the psychological thriller “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” alongside Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman. In 2018, she also had a supporting role in the film “Book Club” and the lead role on the tv series “American Woman” that premiered on June 2018. More recently she appeared in  “American Horror Stories” and in the movie “Perpetrator.” Alicia has one child, a boy born in 2011, and aside of her acting career, she is also an activist for animal rights. A vegan since the 1990’s, she has endorsed PETA activities and has published a vegan cookbook, “The Kind Diet”. Today she turns 47.

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